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Replenish Water

Replenish Water

Within the Coca-Cola India System, both company and franchisee owned bottlers have contributed to projects related to water sustainability. We begin with a view of our total water consumption in 2011 which was 7.6 million kilolitres. With most of this being groundwater drawn from wells, the overall distribution by source is also demonstrated by the pie chart in Figure 4.

Operations at our bottling plants have met success in the area of water replenishment. We have been tracking water replenishment for over 5 years and have seen a regular improvement year on year.

The graph shown in Figure 5 charts our journey towards water replenishment by source from 2007 to 2011. Over the years, our efforts have been greatly focused on replenishment of ground water. In Figure 5, results of our efforts targeted at ground water replenishment are shown in red, while efforts across all other sources of water are shown in grey.

One of the important measures of water consumption in the beverage industry is the water use ratio; in litres of water consumed per litre of beverage produced. We are pleased to report that this ratio has been consistently falling over the past few years and is currently at 2.27. The graph presented in Figure 6 is a testimony to the efforts made by the bottling operations towards using water more efficiently and reducing wastage.

When we discharge waste water, we ensure that it is pre-treated to global standards defined at the level of The Coca-Cola Company. Waste water discharged to natural bodies of water additionally meets the local regulations and such discharge is done with the prior consent of the concerned state pollution control boards. A summary of waste water discharged is provided in the table 4.