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Recycle Packaging

To increase the amount of renewable material in our packaging, The Coca-Cola Company created PlantBottle™ packaging, the first-ever fully recyclable PET bottle made partially from plants. PlantBottle™ packaging is an environmental breakthrough that consumers can hold in their hands.

Since introducing PlantBottle™ packaging in 2009,The Coca-Cola Company has distributed more than 10 billion PlantBottle™ packages to markets in 24 countries. With a few exceptions, we are now producing PlantBottle™ packages locally in most major markets. Globally, we intend to use PlantBottle™ packaging for all of our PET plastic bottles by 2020.

India is one of the countries where the use of PlantBottle™ resin for the manufacture of packaging has been initiated. As of now we do not have a significant percentage of our packaging manufactured from this resin but we have plans in place to increase PlantBottle™ resin usage.