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Project NeerJal

A Water Sustainability Project in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a drought prone state with irregular monsoons. The average rainfall of Ajmer district is 55cm. The ground water table has receded drastically up to depths of 100 to 150 meters due to over exploitation. People are struggling hard to access drinking water and are migrating to towns for livelihood.

Tilonia Shodh Evam Vikas Sansthan (TSVS), an NGO that works in this region, approached us with a proposal to develop traditional local water sources at villages that could be easily managed and controlled by the community.

Under this project, TSVS identified the hills of Mandavaria and Paluna villages in Kishangarh and Jawaja blocks respectively, to construct dams to harvest rainwater and recharge groundwater. This would also help facilitate surface storage, and result in the revitalization of 300 hand pumps / 200 open wells of 20 villages, as also greening of entire hill area. While the check dam in Mandavaria has a storage capacity of approximately 1.9 billion litres, the Paluna check dam has a capacity of about 3 billion litres.

Project NeerJaal was executed in village Mandavaria, Kishangarh Tehsils and village Paluna, Beawar tehsil of district Ajmer and Rajasthan. The project is expected to benefit as many as 40,000 villagers and about 70,000 heads of cattle spread across 20 villages.

This project also provides a major source of livelihood to the tribes that live in this region.