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Primary Healthcare

A Need Assessment survey of 3 villages (Nonghthymmai, Bourbin and Rangsokana) surrounding HCCBPL's Brynihat plant) indicated that the inhabitants of these villages lacked access to quality primary health care and the local primary healthcare centre (PHC) had been unable to provide adequate services primarily because of lack of resources. In order to ensure better access to basic health needs, for the communities around its bottling operation, HCCBPL, Brynihat joined hands with Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi (a Guwahati based NGO) and established an "Aarogya" Health Clinic near the plant.

The 'Aarogya' Health Clinic acts as a primary health care center. The clinic was dedicated to the local community in March 2011. The clinic is operational for 4 days a week, and all visiting patients are issued "Aarogya Health Card" and free basic medicines. The clinic has greatly benefited the local community. On an average, 200 patients visit the clinic every month.