As a responsible user of water, our approach to water stewardship transcends our operations and extends to the communities around our plants and the ones in water scarce regions

India’s water challenge

India’s groundwater levels have been depleting since the 1980s  due to anthropocentric activities, deforestation and rise in groundwater withdrawal for agricultural and industrial use. Using rainwater harvesting to capture monsoon run-off can prove to be a reliable source of water supply and building check dams can recharge groundwater levels. These age-old techniques form an integral part of our water stewardship strategy.

We achieved our water stewardship goals 5 years ahead

Last year, TCCC (and its global bottling partners) met its 2020 commitment five years ahead of time and became the first Fortune 500 Company to replenish at least 100 percent of the water used in its operations

The Coca-Cola system in India significantly contributed  to achieving this global goal and attained water neutrality for India operations way back in 2012. But this doesn’t mean our work is complete. Our water initiatives continue to help ensure its long-term availability to both, local communities and our operations.

Our water stewardship approach is aligned to the global goals and seeks to contribute towards sustainable solutions for moving closer to achieving the SDGs.

Reduce, Recycle, and Replenish: Our water management mantra


We invest in best-in-class technology and optimise water usage in our manufacturing processes through recoveries, secondary use of water by stream segregation, and other water reduction interventions.

Result: our water use ratio (water consumed per litre of beverage produced) of our operations has improved over the years, signalling that our operations are continuously becoming more water efficient.


Our bottling plants recycle and reuse water to the extent possible in secondary applications like boiler makeup, cooling towers, gardening, toilet flushing and floor cleaning. Rest of the water is returned to nature at a level that supports aquatic life.

Result: 100 percent of the wastewater is treated to support aquatic life


Our bottling partners implement various ground water replenishment projects in collaboration with NGOs, local authorities and communities.  These include projects such as construction of check dams, desilting and restoration of ponds and natural water bodies, to replenish the water used in our operations and return it back to nature.

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