From distributors to street food vendors, we are working together with our downstream partners to help build their capacity and make them future ready

Upskilling 50,000 street food vendors across India

Coca-Cola India became the first corporate partner for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) Clean Street Food Project, to train 50,000 small food vendors in India over the next three years.

The training module will target owners and employees of small food service outlets and street food vendors, and focus on food safety, hygiene and waste management. This unique partnership will further support FSSAI’s mission for raising the safety standards of street food across the country.

The initiative commenced with Coca-Cola India and Ludhiana Beverages Pvt. Ltd. piloting the new Food Safety and Hygiene module of Parivartan, our flagship retailer capability programme, developed jointly with FSSAI. It started in April with three sessions with small street food vendors from Ludhiana.

Digitising our distribution and retail ecosystem

In January 2017, State Bank of India (SBI), HCCBPL and CCIPL entered into a strategic partnership that will enable 2.6 million retailers and 5000 distributors to conduct business transactions digitally.

This partnership will leverage our well-established retailer training infrastructure and programmes and SBI authorised trainers to on-board retailers and distributors onto SBI’s digital payment options, such as Buddy P2P, Buddy Merchant App and SBI Pay. This helps them acclimatise to digital payments effectively, improve their money management and business skills, and help them be a part of ‘Digital India’ and contribute to the new economy. 

Building retailer capability

The unorganised retail sector, accounting for over 90 percent of the retail market, is an essential part of our value chain. Through our customised training programmes, Coca-Cola India has been working since 2008 to upskill these micro-entrepreneurs.

Parivartan, our flagship training programme, utilises a mix of training methodologies using customised content related to areas like inventory, working capital management, profitable growth, customer relationship management and growth with Coca-Cola India.

Pragati is HCCBPL’s retailer capability building programme for women entrepreneurs which combines experience at plants with class room session, to help them understand the actual manufacturing process.

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