An inclusive focus on environmental, social, and governance issues is an integral part of how we in the Coca-Cola system, conduct business and interact with our environment and communities.

During the course of our journey, we have identified and launched significant global and local initiatives as a part of our endeavour to be a true enabling partner in the growth of all our stakeholders.

In pursuit of our goal to become a total beverage company, we constantly endeavor to offer a complete range of beverages to meet rapidly evolving consumer needs and preferences.

While offering our core portfolio in all geographies, we also focus on providing nutritious, refreshing, affordable products formulated and designed for local preferences and diverse consumers.

Our recent launches, Aquarius Glucocharge and Minute Maid Vitingo, offer consumers refreshing hydration with the benefit of essential micronutrients.

As our product portfolio continues to grow, so does our commitment towards sustainable sourcing.

The biggest challenge faced by the fruit processing industry in India is limited and inconsistent availability of fruits. Through our Fruit Circular Economy initiative, we seek to address this challenge and provide new growth opportunities for farmers and local suppliers across India. In 2018, we built upon our uniquely successful Project Unnati with the launch of ‘Unnati – Apple’, which aims at a five-fold increase in apple production in the region of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Launched in 2018, World Without Waste is our global initiative to design increasingly recyclable packaging, increase discarded package-collection by partnering with communities and industry coalitions to better manage packaging waste. Our operations in India are committed to achieve our global goal of World Without Waste which also aligns with India’s Swachh Bharat Mission, a nation-wide movement by the Government of India to achieve clean India.

As water continues to be a critical resource for our business sustainability, we are continuously working towards water conservation as part of our Water Stewardship program. In 2018, we achieved an improvement of 30% in our Water Usage Ratio (WUR) through various initiatives undertaken by our bottling partners. Through our replenishment efforts, we have created water replenishment potential equivalent to 124.5% of water used by our operations. As our insights into water risks and opportunities continue to deepen, we will step up our approach to best fit the needs of the times.

In addition to this through the Coca-Cola India Foundation – Anandana, we have created a water replenish potential of more than 13 billion liters of water, benefitting 800,00+ Indian villagers since 2008.

Our operations in India and South West Asia are aligned with our global vision to create economic value while protecting and preserving the environment sustainably and operating in a socially inclusive manner across our value chain. We are transforming our value-chain, by enhancing their skills through our various retailer capability programs such as ‘Parivartan’ and ‘Pragati’.

I strongly believe that sustainable and inclusive growth is a journey we all have to undertake together and for the wellbeing and safety of this wonderful planet that we all share.

With this report, I place before you, the highlights of our sustainability journey from the year 2018-19. I urge you to go through this report and share with us your views on how we can make our world more sustainable and inclusive. Please do also suggest best practices that can be adapted in your own areas of operations.