HCCB is one of India’s top FMCG companies. Our factories make 60+ products, which include some of India’s finest and most loved beverages. We are a large ecosystem of partners, suppliers, transporters, farmers, employees and several others that come together to help manufacture and distribute our beverages. With the footprint we have and the number of lives we touch, sustainability is an imperative ingrained in our way of doing business. Our focus is on doing business the right way. So we continued to demonstrate that the beverages that our customers and consumers love can make life more enjoyable, without harming our planet and natural resources.

In 2018, we focused on the areas of water stewardship, waste management and women empowerment, while also responding to the community’s needs in healthcare, education, agriculture and in times of crisis. We improved water efficiency in our operations consistently, by using best-in-class technology as well as reusing and recycling water. We continued to partner with local communities and water experts to successfully accomplish our goals in water management.

In the area of waste management, we intend to create a circular economy for plastic by closing the loop and connecting all participants in the plastic recycling value chain. In 2018, we collaborated with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to establish plastic waste collection programs, which is gradually being rolled out in 50 cities.

Inside our factories, one of the areas of focus is to promote the use of clean and green energy in our manufacturing operations. We are already meeting 40% of our energy needs through new and renewable sources. Our goal is to take this up to 50% by 2020.

With our strategy aligned with the Global Goals (SDGs), we remain committed to bring in positive impactful changes in the ecosystem that we operate in – to try to leave things better than we first inherited. For us, that means using our size, scale and success to create shared opportunity through growth—creating real opportunity for our communities, our customers, our employees and our ecosystem.