India is the second largest country in terms of arable land1. It also ranks second in production of fruits and vegetables, having 15 agro-climatic zones, which can support most of the fruits. Despite this, the level of fruit processing in India is very low (around 2.2%) 2as compared to countries like the US (65%), China (23%) & Philippines (78%).

The biggest challenge faced by the fruit processing industry is limited and inconsistent availability of fruits. Our horticulture productivity level remains low at just 12.38 %3. Fragmented farms, obsolete agricultural practices and erratic rainfall are just few reasons for our farmers being trapped in the vicious circle of low productivity and lower incomes.

At the same time, lack of proper cold storage facilities and efficient market linkages leads to higher percentage of fruit wastage in the processing industry.

Coca-Cola India’s Fruit Circular Economy initiative is a step towards addressing these issues by harnessing the higher productivity potential of fruits - both at farm level as well as processing industry. We see ourselves as perfectly placed to accelerate the fruit processing industry in India by creating demand through new specialty fruit based beverages, ultimately generating new opportunities for farmers, local suppliers and retailers. It spans across our juice supply chain, from grove to glass, and also contributes towards the National Vision to double farmers’ income by 2022.


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Launched in 2011, Project Unnati is our initiative to catalyze economic growth and create new opportunities for
farmers and local suppliers in India. The project encourages sustainable, modern agricultural practices and help
increase fruit yield, thereby increasing the income of farmers. It also creates a positive impact across many of our
other sustainability focus areas, including women’s empowerment, community well-being and water stewardship.


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