India is the 2nd largest horticulture producer in the world exceeding the food grains production for sixth consecutive year. However, farm productivity levels remain low, around 30% post-harvest fresh fruit is wasted and farmers’ incomes need to improve.

Asim Parekh
Vice President, Fruit Circular Economy
Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd
 "Fruit Circular Economy is Coca-Cola’s endeavor to make a concerted difference in the Indian fruit ecosystem. We plan to leverage our capability of building demand as well as ensuring surplus availability of Indian fruits, thereby meeting both local and export requirements. With a focus on increasing farm productivity through Innovation and technology, we support the cause of doubling farmer incomes over the years’. The surplus fruit supply shall be processed to create high value fruit juices by integrating farm supply with the consumer needs, thus propelling the fruit economy of India."


Our Project Unnati has evolved over the last few years to make real, purposeful interventions at each step of the agricultural value chain. The program encourages reduced input costs for farmers, higher productivity, local procurement of agro products, increasing export demand for locally produced fruits and driving economic prosperity of the farmer communities while reducing the waste across the value chain


Launched in 2016, Orange Unnati is an outcome of a tripartite partnership between CCIPL, the State Government of Maharashtra, and Jain Irrigation Systems Limited. The integrated agricultural development project aims to augment the quality, productivity and profitability per unit of land used for citrus cultivation.

Orange Unnati encourages the adoption of newer international varieties with almost 50% higher juice content than the traditional mandarin (Nagpur Santra) varieties. To create a holistic impact, the project also emphasizes on knowledge dissemination, easy availability of saplings and demonstrated impact through demo farms.

The project is operational across the water-stressed regions of Vidarbha and Marathwada in Maharashtra the districts ofAmravati, Nagpur, Wardha, Akola and covers the ‘Orange Belt’ of India across Agar and Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh.



Unnati Mango was launched in 2011 as a 15-year project to realize the potential of mango farming in Chittoor district across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The program benefits farmers through Ultra-High-Density plantations, use of drip irrigation to reduce water stress, increase crop yields and overall community development. International Finance Corporation (IFC) as an integral partner supports the farmers training program, impact assessment and hydrological assessment.


Going forward, we aim to bring in more fruit varieties under our Fruit Circular Economy and Unnati initiatives to enable more efficient and productive farming community.