A Total Beverage Company that keeps consumers at the heart of everything it does

We are evolving our business in line with evolving consumer preferences to ensure that we deliver the Coca-Cola experience our consumers have come to expect from us, but with more choices, less sugar and fewer calories whenever we can

At Coca-Cola India, we encourage consumers to make more informed choices, and help them better manage their sugar and calorie consumption. For this, we are making real and purposeful changes in the kind of products we sell, and how we sell them.

Shaping responsible choices

We help our consumers manage their calorie intake by offering our beverages in multiple package options including smaller serving sizes which now include:

  •  250ml/300ml PET bottle packaging for Coca-Cola, Sprite and Thums Up
  • 180ml/200ml mini cans for Coca-Cola, Sprite, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Fanta, Limca and Thums Up
  • 150ml Tetra Pak for Maaza

Reducing aggregate sugar content

In line with consumer expectations, we are committed to innovating products with reduced aggregate sugar content across our portfolio, ensuring no compromise on the taste experience, through low calorie and no sugar products.

  • The pilot of the new Fanta Fruity Orange was launched with 5.3 percent orange juice and 15 percent less sugar, by replacing it with calorie-free sweetener Stevia.
  • We are also committed to reducing sugar across our entire sparkling beverage portfolio (by 2017).
  • We also plan to reduce sugar levels in our juice portfolio - Maaza and Minute Maid range.

As part of our diverse product portfolio, we offer several low calorie and no sugar products - Sprite Zero, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Kinley water and Kinley soda.

Offering more choices

Last year, we expanded our portfolio to include value added dairy products (VIO Kesar Treat and VIO Almond Delight), ice teas (Fuze-Tea in lemon and peach flavours) and our first sparkling + juice offering (Fanta Green Mango). This year, we introduced:


- an Active Hydration beverage, lightly sweetened with 6 gm sugar (per 100 ml) and with added essential minerals of Sodium, Potassium and Calcium.


- Coconut water with no added sugar. Zico has the goodness of essential minerals of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous straight from the coconut source.


Minute Maid Pulpy Mosambi
- The choicest of Indian Mosambi fruits have been locally sourced from Jalna in Maharashtra for this beverage. It contains Mosambi juice and additional pulp which provides a refreshing taste of juice to quench thirst and delights the taste buds, while the pulp can be chewed to relish a fruit-eating experience.

Promoting clear facts

We believe in being open, honest and transparent with our consumers about our beverages. All products manufactured and packaged contain Front-of-Pack calorie declarations with exception of those bottled in Returnable Glass Bottle and those beverages without calories. This allows our consumers to make informed calorie choices without even having to pick up the beverage.

Marketing responsibly

We also believe in being responsible in the way we market our products. This means thorough and consistent enforcement of no advertising to children under the age of 12 anywhere in the world.

To learn more: click here to download our full Sustainability Update 2016/17