In this village in Bundelkhand, storing water had been a challenge that the villagers faced. The Coca-Cola India Foundation ‘Anandana’ helped the villagers in constructing a check dam and ponds which has changed the face of the village.

Every house now has water supply and there are enough plants that don the landscape of the sleepy village.

Storing of water in the check dams and ponds have helped recharge the groundwater too, helping everyone to prosper.

The village had one of its lowest rainfall in the last 70 years during the rainy season. Despite that, there is no shortage of water for the local people, a miracle considering the struggle of the people earlier.

“The wells have water at 4-5 feet, despite the low rainfall”, one of the villagers say.

The availability of water has given the cushion to the villagers to pursue their livelihood without having to worry for the basics of living.

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