What we provide is choices, for different occasions and different priorities.

Driven by our passion for consumers, we have been reinventing our mindset and culture, as well as the way we measure our success, resulting in bold action to transform our portfolio. We are striving to be a total beverage company offering value-added, localized and innovative products to our consumers. This also enables us to ensure back-ward integration of our supply chain, thus empowering the marginalized farmers by enriching their farm economy (more details in fruit circular economy section).

We have adopted a multi-layered approach in our vision to be a total beverage company.


Portion Control

Making smaller, more convenient packages
for our offerings, starting at 150 ml enabling
lower calorie intake per portion.


Offering new beverages with enhanced
benefits of nutrition and hydration.




Offering beverages which are made from local
produce and aptly cater to the local tastes.





We are reformulating our existing beverages to remove added sugar in our beverages across the portfolio yet preserving the desired taste. We are also launching no-sugar products for our brands.






We are expanding the availability of smaller serving sizes for all our offerings – Cans, Regular Glass Bottles (RGBs) and PET bottles. Today, about 44% of our sparkling soft drink brands come in convenient packages of 250 ml or less.





Entering new beverage categories like:

Enhanced hydration, nutritious dilutables, value added dairy and frozen desserts. We are adding fruit juices to our existing range of carbonated beverages.

We are committed to contribute towards the National Nutrition strategy of achieving a ‘Kuposhan Mukt Bharat through our expanding portfolio which addresses the gaps in nutrition.

beverages for life

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Each state in India has a different variety of fruits; we want to tap such opportunities and offer a localised taste to consumers in respective markets.

Launch of AQUARIUS GLUCOCHARGE an enhanced hydration drink


Aquarius Glucocharge is an affordable product priced at Rs.10 and is tailor made for the Indian consumer and its tropical climate.

Available in three variants lemon, orange and apple, it has benefits in replacing the lost water and providing instant energy through glucose.

The product has added minerals of sodium, potassium and calcium.

To buy now, click: https://www.coke2home.com/