1. Content’ herein refers to any text, video, image gallery or infographic. ‘Content creator’ refers to the person who has submitted the content to Journey India.
  2. Selection of content will be solely based on the decision of the Journey India Editorial Team, based on the criteria specified below. No request for reconsideration will be entertained:
    - Originality of idea/theme.
    - Creativity of execution.
    - Relevance to any of the following: The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola India, its subsidiaries, partners and all
      brands in the company portfolio.
    - Content related to current, relevant themes/trends will be given higher preference.
    - Credibility of external sources cited in the content
    - Content creators are solely responsible for checking the facts presented in their content. Articles with 
      factual errors will not be accepted
  3. The date of publication of selected content will be based solely on the discretion of the Journey India Editorial Team.
  4. Creators of selected work will be informed of the selection of their content via email or telephone. Their name will appear in the by-line of the content.
  5. The Journey Editorial Team retains the right to modify/edit content per their discretion, or get in touch with the content creator to request them to make any changes/edits and resend content.
  6. All work must be 100% original, and by submitting their work, content creators take full responsibility for the originality of their work. In any instance of plagiarism that come to the attention of the Journey Editorial Team, the content will be taken down and the content creator may not be allowed to submit any work in future
  7. In case references to published text/multimedia is used in the content, proper citation to the source(s) must be used
  8. For any clarifications, please reach out to the Journey Editorial Team at: journeyindia@coca-cola.com