She had us dancing to her tunes as she sang ‘I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke’ strumming melodiously on her Ukulele. Her ability to translate the essence of the song beautifully through simple yet powerful stick figure animations added more cheer to our Yuletide spirit.

Neha Sukumar- the creative mind behind the video shares with Journey India the inspiration behind her work, her favourite fan moments with Coke and much more!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself- especially your creative interests

I’m a copywriter (or rather an ideator), by profession. An illustrator, by passion, and hopefully someday, I’ll be able to add ‘musician’ to that description.

Someone gifted me the ukulele a few years back. And after delaying it for ages, I started learning to play it late last year, with a self-challenge that I would put up a video on Facebook. Since I was too conscious in front of camera, I got stickie (the illustrated stick figure version of me) to step in for me. Tried my hand at animation and editing, and that’s how the videos were born. I can’t wait to get a little free and work on a few more videos!

2. What was it about this song that inspired you to do a rendition?

So when I started playing the ukulele, I just knew the first three songs I had to play. While I’ve got quite a few brands I love, Google has always held the top spot, closely followed by Coke. I instinctively knew that the iconic hilltop coke jingle had to be the second song.

With the chaos that’s taking place around the globe, this song is a reminder that it takes really small acts to make the world a kinder and better place. It just makes you stop and wonder why people tend to go the violent way, when caring for people is so much easier.

On a lighter note, for me, Christmas is incomplete without Coke. So it seemed like the apt time to upload the Coke song and make Christmas a little merrier!

3. Which is your favourite Coca-Cola ad in India?

I come from the world of advertising. And Coke ads or rather, their activations, have always been amongst my favourites. The ‘Share a Coke’ activations are just so *sighs*. They bring alive their ‘Open Happiness’ (Don’t kill me for it, but I’ve always loved Open Happiness, more than Taste the feeling) ideology so beautifully and just watching them makes me feel all mushy and happy inside!

Amongst the Indian Coke ads, I really like ‘Haan main crazy hoon’. Because for me, that’s exactly what Coke stands for - Little moments of joy

4. Which is your favourite Coke product and why?

I’m a Coke loyalist. No other Coca-Cola product or any other product in the same category comes close to Coke. (And I’m not just saying this here. My friends can vouch for it!)

5. Could you briefly describe your journey with Coca-Cola- some special moments with Coke

I don’t really know when I fell in love with Coke. I always liked how it tasted, but over time, maybe their messaging had something to do with it too, I started associating Coke with happiness. I don’t drink aerated drink too often. But when I’m feeling low, or need to celebrate little things in life, I always grab a Coke. I love the fizzing sound of the bottle cap opening. Just makes my day!

Some special moments with Coke would include a trip to the Coke store in Las Vegas. Was like the Coke version of Disneyland. Another one would be, ending a Goa trip with Coke, prawns (my favourite food) and the beach for company.

Oh also, mostly recently, when you guys shared the video I posted. It’s been the highlight of 2018!

Watch Neha’s video here: