A house with hanging rooms, floating roofs and jumping cots is what H Rajasimha (b June 18, 1948), an award winning civil engineer from Bengaluru conceived and built for himself! The house named ‘Sri Raghothama Raghavendra’ has two 2.7 m dia bedrooms of octagonal shape hanging from the roof without bottom support. At the press of a switch, the dome-shaped roofs of the rooms will float and move out to a side; and if you press another switch, the cot in the room will raise to the roof level. Similarly the roof and the cot can be brought back to their original positions by pressing the reverse switches. The house stands on a 50×80 ft plot and was completed in six months on Dec 19, 2013. Rajasimha who has served as a chief engineer with prestigious organisations and projects like ISRO, IDBI, World Bank/ADB projects, L&T etc currently is Technical Advisor to Bengaluru City Corporation and other departments of the Govt of Karnataka.