AIESEC is one of the world's largest youth-run organisations with a focus on leadership development amongst youngsters. It facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering experiences and professional internships.

Coca-Cola India partnered with AIESEC India nine years ago with the aim of developing a roadmap for the youth towards achieving sustainable development. The partnership also aimed to inspire thought leadership with various youth speak forums organised across the country.

Coca-Cola and AIESEC celebrated nine years of their partnership on 7th April 2019. It is a significant date as the first Coca-Cola-organised youth speak forum took place on this date four years ago. AIESEC coloured all of its social media handles red for two days to signify this partnership. Various engaging conversations were initiated around the partnership on social media for building excitement amongst the audience. On the 5th and 6th of April, more than 60 AIESEC members visited Coca-Cola bottling plants across different cities and learned about the process and production of Coca-Cola beverages.

Here are a few memorable experiences shared by AIESECrs:

“The visit to the Coca-Cola factory turned out to be an enriching experience which truly surpassed our expectations- it was a visit that I personally won't forget for a long time. The whole bottling process was fascinating yet surprising for us to watch. The Coca-Cola staff showed great hospitality throughout the visit. We would like to thank Coca-Cola for providing us with this opportunity to visit the plant. It was truly a privilege for AIESEC Mumbai to witness the process!”

-Mohit Singh, AIESEC Mumbai

“I always wanted to visit a bottling factory because I’ve grown up watching beverage commercials on television and was curious to know how they are manufactured. On 6th April, 2019, my team and I got an opportunity from AIESEC and Coca-Cola India to visit the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Khurda, and we were super excited. We got to know about the entire production process and how Coca-Cola beverages are manufactured. The staff at the Coca-Cola factory work with utmost dedication. We were guided through the entire plant and also briefed about each process. Our time spent and memories created at the bottling plant will be cherished.”  

-Arabind, AIESEC Bhubaneswar

“The visit to the Coca-Cola bottling plant was an extremely informative tour. My team and I were amazed to see how the Coca-Cola beverages are made in such a sustainable way. We enjoyed our time at the plant and observed the production of Coca-Cola beverages. We also got to know about the various CSR initiatives of the company. The staff was helpful, and they guided us through the entire plant. We got to taste a variety of Coca-Cola beverages, some of which were exclusive to the Ludhiana plant. Overall, the experience was amazing. My team and I would like to thank Coca-Cola India and AIESEC India for giving us an opportunity to witness the wonderful process.”

-Aravinthan, AIESEC Jalandhar

The major highlight of the day was the release of the ‘Coca-Cola-AIESEC partnership video’ which highlighted the journey of this partnership over the course of nine years, and how more such partnerships between youth organisations and corporates are needed to build a more sustainable world.

This stretch of three days has ignited a lot of conversations amongst the youth on the idea of sustainability and the need to create a ‘World Without Waste.’ It was a time to acknowledge the efforts that have gone into building such a strong partnership, and to celebrate many more years of building a sustainable future together.

Meet Muchhala is the Vice President, Business Development at AIESEC India