On August 15, 2015, Independence Day, Obaid Siraj and six friends took their patriotism outside Facebook and WhatsApp to recite the National Anthem with the local public at historical locations of Mumbai. Obaid’s team wanted this I-Day special for the participating citizens too so the group travelled to various city landmarks and gathered citizens to join them for each Jana-gana-mana recital. As they reached a marked location the team asked locals already present at the sites, whether they got the opportunity to recite the National Anthem on Independence Day. Most said ‘No’ and when they heard about their initiative they were thrilled and sang the Anthem with them. The team travelled to 20 locations in Mumbai reaching out to around 900 citizens. The Anthem was recited 45 times, at least twice at each location. The team comprised Urvi Chheda, Gratian Lopis, Prathamesh Deshpande, Santosh Nambiar, Krunal Palande, Roney Rodrigues and Obaid Siraj.