In May 2015, Chaitali Galakhe of Akola, Maharashtra demanded a toilet instead of jewellery when she came to know five days before her wedding that there would be no toilet in her in-laws home in Yavatmal. Among the household goods normally given to a bride was a prefabricated toilet with a water closet, a wash basin and mirror.
The windfall, however, was the Rs 10 lakh she received from Bindeshwar Pathak of Sulabh International for the inspiring step she had taken for toilets in rural areas.
Chaitali was the sixth woman awarded by Sulabh International in the last couple of years for the bold steps they have taken for promoting toilets. While Sangita, another woman from Maharashtra, who sold her mangalsutra to build a toilet, is now working as a Sulabh campaigner, the other women are Sulabh’s ambassadors.