“The lockdown has taught us to be there for each other and take care of one another,” Suraj Das, high-speed line operator at the HCCB.

Suraj has always believed in aiding whoever he can in his capacity and draws fulfilment out of supporting others. Over time, he has selflessly helped children complete their studies, individuals to raise money for medical treatment and contributed to countless other causes, in association with Green Valley NGO in Jalpaiguri.

In recent times, hunger has undoubtedly been the biggest challenge for many and has caused communities to become extremely vulnerable. Their ray of hope is having people like Suraj and his friends who stand with them in solidarity.

Along with his friends, Suraj ventured out to help the affected people in Jalpaiguri by serving them with food and essentials. They pooled-in their resources and went on-ground to support the locals. Soon, their passion led them to tap into crowdfunding and help a lot more people they could have initially imagined.

The neighbourhood superheroes made packets of essential groceries and distributed them on their bikes. As they gathered support from the others and worked on serving locals, they were able to impact over 480 families in the past few months.

The dream team continues to work tirelessly and serve their community. They have had a phenomenal impact and brought a smile to the entire town.

Suraj proved true to his name and spread sunshine far and wide. It’s a journey that not only taught us what conviction can achieve but also spread hope amongst countless people!