Village Youth Front, Kaitharam, Kerala and its club members including Vishnu AM (23) and friends made a 59.5 ft high Santa Claus for Christmas 2014. The 766.5 kg structure was made of pipes and wires (615kg), paper (101 kg), enamel paint (2.5 l), white cement (1kg), Fevicol (1.75kg), polyfoam (9.5 kg), satin cloth (206 m, 34 kg) and a gift box (1.75 kg). The stick ribbon roll had Happy New Year written in 80 world languages. 
The work started at 10.00am on Dec 17, 2014 and completed at 2.00am on Dec 31, 2014. All work was done manually, using traditional ladders, crossbars and cranes. The team worked under the leadership of artist AS Maheedharan.