Every Dussehra, Rana Tejinder Singh Chauhan, Founder of Shri Ram Leela Club, Barara, Ambala, Haryana has been making taller and taller effigies since the first 6.1 m (20 ft) Ravana in 1987. For Dussehra 2014 the Club made a 64m (210 ft) tall Ravana effigy and burnt it with fire crackers on Oct 3, 2014. Weighing 5 tonnes and costing Rs 20 lakh, the structure used hardware like iron pipes, rods and angles accounting for 3.5 tonnes while the bamboo, cloth, rope and paper constituted the remaining 1.5 tonnes. The effigy was burnt as a symbolic representation of the destruction of social vices such as terrorism, communalism, casteism, corruption, foeticide, adulteration etc. Tanveer Jafri is the convener of the club.