As a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign announced by PM Narendra Modi, Bisleri in collaboration with Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment (ICPE) and Clean Mumbai organised a PET plastic bottle collection drive in schools across Mumbai from Oct 1-15, 2014. In the two-week campaign, 38,271 PET bottles were collected. Christ Church School, Byculla collected 16,000 bottles, the highest number of bottles and won the 1st prize.
The objective was to create awareness among the students about segregation and collection of dry waste and keeping their surroundings clean. Bisleri contacted 100 schools in Mumbai for the PET initiative and 74 participated. Team Bisleri visited schools to collect PET bottles to send to recycling centres. ICPE distributed environment literature and made a video on PET collection and processing.