What do Geetha from India, Sofia from Mexico and Elizabeth from Kenya have in common? They’ve all fought the adversities of their surroundings and made their biggest weakness their greatest strength. 

These women have a deep connection with water. While we may take the elixir of life for granted, these women belong to regions where water is a rare, precious and a highly sought-after resource. Women and girls in these areas have spent hours walking and waiting to fill jugs of water to provide for their families.

Today however, mango farmer Geetha Rani, tree nursery manager Sofia and water kiosk manager Elizabeth are providing for their families and have secured their children’s future. And Coca-Cola is proud to have made this possible with its 5by20 initiative and water programmes that helped make water conservation an instrument of women empowerment. 

By replenishing around 150 billion litres of water in these regions, these programmes helped ensure that safe drinking water not only improved the health of these communities, but also provided economic opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The initiative empowered these women to not just wait for water but instead use it along with their entrepreneurial skills to run businesses that benefited the entire community.

The beauty of this initiative is the ripple effect of this empowerment. Today, each of these women is contributing to her family and helping mentor other women business owners. She’s creating change within herself and is also strengthening her community.

Today, the other thing these women have in common is the fact that all three of them hold their heads high.

To understand the impact of water access and how it transformed their lives, livelihoods, self-confidence and dreams, watch the film below.