Inside every bottle of Coca-Cola is the story of a company that understands the priceless value of water, respects it as the most precious of shared global resources and works vigorously to conserve water worldwide. Within our company, we look to our esteemed network of water experts to guide our water stewardship program.

Greg Koch, Senior Director of Global Water Stewardship, The Coca-Cola Company

As Senior Director, Greg is responsible for leading water stewardship across our global business system by focusing on: water use efficiency and wastewater management; watershed protection; community water initiatives; global awareness and action, and water policy engagement. Throughout the majority of his 19 year tenure with The Coca-Cola Company, Greg has been involved with water stewardship. He serves on the Board for the Global Water Challenge, the Steering Board for the 2030 Water Resources Group, and is active with the CEO Water Mandate.


Vivian Alegria, Director of Community Affairs, The Coca-Cola Company and Director of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Mexico

In a unique dual role, Vivian Alegria is Director of Community Affairs for The Coca-Cola Company, and Director of The Coca-Cola Foundation, both in Mexico. Through these positions, she engages and monitors environmental sustainability projects supported and/or funded by The Coca-Cola Company and local Foundation in Mexico. Vivian’s roles follow leadership and management positions in special events and communications for Coca-Cola. She started her career with Coca-Cola in 1983, using her communications and event planning skills to conduct various activities on behalf of the Company for large-scale and significant events, including the World Cup Mexico ’86.


Dr. Paul Bowen, Direction of Sustainable Operations, The Coca-Cola Company

Dr. Paul Bowen leads the environmental sustainability program across the Technical and Supply Chain organizations of The Coca-Cola Company. He is responsible for guiding the team that helps meet our water and energy sustainability commitments for our manufacturing sites around the globe. Paul has been with the Company for 16 years including five years with Coca-Cola North America and the Coca-Cola environment and water resources group. He is the President-elect of the Water Environment Federation Board of Trustees and a former member of the Board of Directors for Water For People.

Dr. Vidal Garza Cantu, Founding Director, The Femsa Foundation

Dr. Vidal Garza Cantu is a Founding Director at The Femsa Foundation. The Foundation functions as a social investment instrument of FEMSA and finances water sustainability projects and nutritional efforts in the regions where FEMSA and Coca-Cola Femsa operate. Vidal has been at the Foundation for 8 years.  Vidal sits on the Boards of the Social Development Ministry in Mexico, the Water Advise Council of the Mexican federal government and the Water Center for Latin-America on the Caribbean at Technologico de Monterrey. He has also been an opinion editorialist for the Grupo Reforma newspaper since 1999 and is an Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Technologico Monterrey.

David Grant, Senior Manager of Water Risk and Partnerships, SABMiller

David Grant directs SABMiller’s strategy on water stewardship and develops proactive partnerships to tackle water stress in the communities where SABMiller is present. During his 14 years at SABMiller, David has held various Sustainable Development roles at the company’s divisional and corporate head offices. David is a Board Member of both the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Stuart Hawkins, Director of Sustainability, Coca-Cola ASEAN

Stuart Hawkins has been with The Coca-Cola Company since 1998. He currently leads Coca-Cola’s sustainability programs and partnerships across Southeast Asia. Prior to this, he headed up Public Affairs & Communications for Coca-Cola Thailand during which time he launched the RAKNAM (Love Water) partnership initiative that has reached communities nationwide. In 2005, he was seconded from Coca-Cola Asia Pacific to the UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok in a unique one-year assignment to lead and manage a partnership with UNDP and the UN Foundation focused on water and sanitation reconstruction activities in tsunami-impacted countries. 


Carlos Hurtado, Manager of Sustainable Development, Fundacion FEMSA 

Carlos Hurtado Aguilar is the Sustainable Development Manager for FEMSA Foundation. He has lead the organization’s water related programs since the Foundation’s creation in 2008. He was Senior Consultant at the Center for Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation at the Graduate School for Public Management of Tecnológico de Monterrey from 2005 to 2008. During this period he coordinated strategic projects for the Presidency of Mexico, municipal governments, and international organizations such as the United Nations. From 2003 to 2005 he was Senior Analyst in structured finance for subnational governments at Banorte.

He studied Economics at Tecnológico de Monterrey and has a master’s degree in Public Policy and Management by the Graduate School for Public Management of Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Pedro Massa, Shared Value Director, Coca-Cola Brazil

Solving social and environmental problems through business strategy is at the center of Pedro Massa’s work as Shared Value Director for Coca-Cola Brazil. A corporate social entrepreneur, Pedro works to integrate sustainability into the business agenda using Coca-Cola’s value chain to drive shared value and ultimately promote economic and social development in communities in need. He has been with Coca-Cola for 15 years, having previously managed social business programs for the Brazil Business Unit, with experience across sustainable value chains in the Amazon rainforest and developing water stewardship strategy.


Dr. Susan Mboya, President of the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and Group Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment, The Coca-Cola Company

In her roles as President of the Coca-Cola Africa foundation and Group Director of Women’s Economic Empowerment, Susan Mboya leads the Company’s sustainability efforts in Eurasia Africa, including the RAIN and 5by20 initiatives. Susan been with the Company since 2008 and has held her current role since March 2011. In addition to her work at Coca-Cola, Susan is the Founder of the Zawadi Africa Educational Fund and an active member of the Board of Liberty Holdings in Kenya.


Dorcas Onyango, Director of Programs Implementation and Partnerships Management, The Coca-Cola Company

As the Director, Programs Implementation and Partnerships for Coca-Cola’s sustainability initiatives in Africa, Dorcas Onyango leads civil society, government and private sector partners to design, implement and measure Pan-African initiatives such as RAIN, which improved access to water for 2 million people in Africa by 2015, as well as Health, Youth Empowerment, and Coca-Cola’s Women Economic Empowerment program, 5by20. Dorcas is based in South Africa, where she joined Coca-Cola seven years ago as the Marketing and Communications Manager for The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation. She is actively involved in uplifting the communities where she lives and belongs. 


Carlos Pagoaga, Group Director of Partnerships, The Coca-Cola Company

As the Group Director of Partnerships, Carlos Pagoaga manages The Coca-Cola Company’s community engagement efforts which include strategic partnerships, grant making and matching gifts. Carlos has 25 years of national and international experience with the Company and has held a variety of external facing roles during his time at Coca-Cola, ranging from Community Relations to Grant Management. He currently sits on the Board of the Latin American Association, where he recently concluded two years as chair.

Jonathan Radtke, Water Resource Sustainability Manager, Coca-Cola North America

Jon Radtke is the Water Resource Sustainability Manager for Coca-Cola North America. In this role, he manages the company’s water stewardship program, which assesses and mitigates water risks facing Coca-Cola operations on a local, regional and national basis. This year marks Jon’s 10th year with the Company, all of which have been spent in the water resource management and sustainability space. He serves on the Board of Directors for River Network and is actively involved in the Field to Market Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture.


Joe Rozza, Global Water Resource Sustainability Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

As the Global Water Resource Sustainability Manager, Joe Rozza leads the Company’s initiative to understand and alleviate water-related risks for the system and communities around the globe. Additionally, he is responsible for the water replenish program. Joe has been with The Coca-Cola Company for more than 10 years in a variety of water-related roles. He is a Board Member for the Environmental Engineering and Science Foundation, as well as a licensed professional engineer and board certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.


Ulrike Sapiro, Director of Sustainability, The Coca-Cola Company (Europe) 

Ulrike Sapiro directs the Coca-Cola Company’s sustainability strategies, programs and partnerships in Europe. In particular, she focuses on the Company’s water, agriculture and recycling initiatives. Ulrike has been a part of the Coca-Cola Company for almost 8 years. Outside of her work at Coca-Cola, Ulrike is the Chair of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Program and is also active in the European Trade Organisation on food, soft drinks and packaging.


Jasmine Tian, Director of Sustainability, Coca-Cola Greater China & Korea

In her position as Director of Sustainability, Jasmine Tian leads environmental initiatives on water, packaging, climate protection and sustainable agriculture. Her key focus areas are creating and setting goals for Coca-Cola China’s environment strategy. She also manages strategic partnerships with WWF, UNDP and the Chinese government; engages with government policy decision makers; and connects with Coca-Cola bottlers, customers and consumers on environmental initiatives. Jasmine began her career with Coca-Cola China in 2001 working on corporate communications, marketing communications, and crisis management. 

Dr. Huaying Zhang, Vice President of Sustainability, Coca-Cola Greater China & Korea

Dr. Huaying Zhang is the Vice President of Sustainability for Coca-Cola’s Greater China & Korea Business Unit, responsible for developing and implementing an integrated sustainability strategy. Her team partners with people throughout the Coca-Cola value chain, NGOs and government organizations to bring about positive changes in society. Huaying joined The Coca-Cola Company’s Asia Group in 1994, managing scientific and regulatory affairs. After several leadership positions within the Asia Group, she joined Coca-Cola Greater China & Korea in 2010 as Vice President of Risk Management.