Friday happened to be just another working day. Christina Ruggiero, CEO, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) was away from her office in Bengaluru. She had taken the day off to work for the community, cleaning the Miramar beach at Goa.

Family in tow, she had picked up the proverbial broom to clean the beach in Goa.  

Christina was joined by nearly 70 employees of HCCB who found the idea very novel. Curious onlookers and morning walkers on the beach watched the green tee-shirt clad HCCB employees go about their job. Soon, the enthusiasm spread as local residents too joined in to supplement the effort.

As the team scoured around, the early morning exercise collected trash from the beach, which is a popular tourist spot in Goa.

Off from Work

The beach cleaning exercise was supported by the Goa Waste Management Corporation, which is driving the effort for a cleaner Goa.

The idea for celebrating the special day – the wedding anniversary for the Ruggiero couple on May 25 – came from the Ruggiero’s children, who were also present along with their parents.

Plastic, shoes, paper, metal, glass, wire, fishing net, rubber and a lot more was picked up from the beach and, at the end of the exercise, 30 kg of it was carted away. The one-hour that the team, supported by the locals spent on the beach for their effort was well worth the while.