Water is the most basic element of life. Without it, life of any kind, in any form cannot exist. And yet, we cannot produce or grow water, we can only harvest it. Several billion litres of water are consumed every day and if we aren’t careful in conserving and utilising it wisely, water may not stay a renewable source of energy.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited (HCCBPL) joined hands with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to set up the ‘Waste Water Recycling Sewage Treatment Plant.’ The project aimed to recycle used water for non-domestic purposes and help save potable water.

A pilot programme launched in 2014, this project was a big step towards the Water Reuse, Recycle initiative under public – private partnership. The project is based on ‘Rotating Media Biological Reactor (RMBR),’ which has been installed with complete financial support from Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd. at the pumping station.

Earlier, the MCGM’s Bandra treatment facility used to do primary treatment and release 425 MLD (Million Litres per Day) of partially treated sewage in the sea by a submarine outfall of about 5 km length. It used to discharges huge amounts of sewage water at four places into the sea viz Malavani, Varsova, Mahim causeway (Bandra Reclamation) and Colaba. 

Now, the MCGM reuses this water with the help of the second level sewerage treatment plant at the above mentioned places which saves a lot of precious potable water.

The initiative is aimed at saving fresh water resources by using treated sewage water for non-drinking and non-domestic purposes. The recycled water can be used for horticulture, cleaning among other purposes. This project serves multiple purposes in one go and has also become a catalyst for similar projects across the country.

Hindustan Coca-Cola is one of the country’s premium manufacturing organisations of ready to drink beverages. It is also heavily involved in community and environment projects all across the country.