Message from the President & CEO:

It gives me great pleasure to present to you our annual Sustainability Review for the year 2009. The report captures our efforts on environmental stewardship and community engagement during the year. We at Coca-Cola India have always believed that a sustainable business thrives only amidst sustainable communities. This simple approach is at the core of our business operations worldwide and in India. We recognize that we need to be part of the solution on global issues that threaten the communities we serve and therefore need to be focused on sustainability. This report outlines some of our efforts towards the preservation and protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources and community development.

Building a culture of sustainability and social responsibility begins at home, with the people who work for our Company and our bottling partners. We have embedded our commitment to sustainability into a framework we call LIVE POSITIVELY. It is a way for us to think globally about sustainability efforts throughout the Coca-Cola system. It is a modern expression of our Company's heritage of caring about our people and our planet. LIVE POSITIVELY includes goals, metrics and principles for our work in developing beverage benefits; supporting active healthy living programs; building sustainable communities; improving environmental programs for our operations; and creating a safe, inclusive work environment for our employees. Ultimately, LIVE POSITIVELY is about all of us making the right decisions each day—the smart decisions—to be the Company we know we can be. It is about continuing to challenge ourselves to improve and do more.

We are aware that a lot still remains to be done in areas outlined above. By making this information available to you, we are hoping that you will join us in our journey to create and maintain a sustainable business by offering your comments, feedback and suggestions. Your suggestions and feedback will also help us publish a more comprehensive report for the year 2010. I invite you to write to us at and share your views. The steps that we take today both individually and collectively will pay off for future generations. 

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