Our Human Rights Policy establishes the foundation for managing our business in accordance with the highest standards and we strive to a workplace culture that makes each and every employee feel safe, respected and free from any discrimination. We provide regular training to abide by the policy and encourage reporting in case of any violation.

Our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP) communicate our values and expectations from suppliers and emphasize the importance of responsible workplace practices that respect human rights and comply, at a minimum, with applicable environmental and local labour laws and core international conventions. The SGPs are a part of all our contractual agreements with direct and authorized suppliers.


In 2010, The Coca-Cola Company made a commitment to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs across our global value chain by 2020. Through this initiative, we enable women entrepreneurs to overcome social and economic barriers to succeed by providing them business skills training, access to financial services and/or assets, and access to mentoring networks. Empowered 120,000+ women since inception in 2010. 


Our commitment to keeping our employees and partners safe and healthy is just as important to us as our commitment to providing safe and highest-quality drinks for our consumers. Our Coca-Cola Operating Requirements (KORE) define the policies, standards and requirements for managing safety, environment and quality throughout our operations. Using the KORE framework, we implement health and safety management systems across our manufacturing and distribution partners to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and instil a mindset of continuous improvement to always to be better than before.


As a responsible company, we aspire to positively influence the local communities where we operate. Our community engagements are guided by our approach to bring meaningful interventions which are locally relevant, aligned with national aspirations and create economic opportunity for people.

In addition to the initiatives involving communities mentioned in the Fruit Circular Economy, Water Stewardship and World Without Waste sections, we also support a number of programmes that contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.

Meetha Sona Unnati: for sustainable agriculture in sugarcane production: has supported 48,000+ small-scale sugarcane farmers by focusing on productivity improvements, conservation of water resources and soil health enhancement across 54,000 hectares of land improving yield by 14 tonnes per hectare.

Developing sustainable entrepreneurial spirit among youth: Coca-Cola India partnered with Jagriti Sewa Sansthan to launch ‘Sustainable Enterprise Award’ in 2017 to intensify the dialogue on critical sustainability issues and motivate youth towards purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Enhancement of mid-day meals:Coca-Cola supports this program in India by partnering with NGOs to provide nutritious meal to children in Government and Government-aided schools and has supported the midday meals of 12,000 school-going children in partnership with The Akshaya Patra Foundation.