Lakshmi Chauhan, Arakot — Unnati Apple farmer

The focus of Fruit Circular Economy starts with farm-level productivity improvement by teaching farmers and creating a belief (using demo farms) in using ultra-high to high-density fruit plantation.



 We took the first step towards creating a Fruit Circular Economy in India way back in 2011 with ‘Project Unnati Mango’ in Andhra Pradesh. The success of Unnati Mango and ever encouraging response from farmer partners motivated us to not only scale up the project to build capabilities of more and more farmers but also diversify into other fruits with the launch of Unnati Orange and Apple in 2018 and most recently with Unnati Litchi and Grapes in 2019. The project aims to benefit more than 2,00,000 fruit farmers by 2022.


Senior leadership at Unnati Litchi Launch
Senior leadership at Unnati Litchi Launch




In 2017, we committed to infuse USD 1.7 billion along with partners to enhance India’s agri–ecosystem and benefit 2,00,000 farmers by 2022 and create a healthy local juice and concentrate supply chain with successful and thriving farming communities and ecosystems.

Recent Launch of Unnati Litchi

In 2019, we launched Unnati Litchi in Bihar together with DeHaat, National Research Centre for Litchi (NRCL), and Kedia Fresh. The initiative is aimed at enhancing efficiency of the agri-value chain and farmers’ capability building on high density plantation, Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and technology interventions.