Ishteyaque Amjad talks about how Coca-Cola India is upholding the purpose of the company laid down by Robert W. Woodruff: to refresh the world and make a difference.

In the wake of the current scenario, he elaborates on our decision to go dark on our advertisements and instead use those resources to contribute towards community support by providing food and hydration to hundreds and thousands of migrants and daily wage workers. He also points out our endeavours to support frontline warriors and the healthcare infrastructure.

He highlights the overall progress we have made across our three focus areas touching majority of the SGDs and they are Waste Management and Recycling, Sustainable Agriculture and Water Stewardship.

Ishteyaque then talks about our global vision of World Without Waste that is aimed at reducing the plastic footprint across the world with meaningful partnerships with communities, governments, municipalities, non-profits and civic society organisations. Most importantly, our efforts in collaboration with other members of the industry helping us collect and recycle packaging waste, thereby facilitating a circular plastic economy.

Talking about Anandana, that has positively impacted lives of over 800,000 villagers through its water interventions, he goes on to elaborate on projects like Unnati Mango in 2011, where we connect our farmers with our consumers in a seminal way to create a virtuous fruit circular economy.

On a closing note, he emphasizes on our commitment to doing business the right way, deriving collective responsibility, increasing transparency around our sustainability goals and year-on-year progress.