(Editor’s Note: Different relationships mean different things to people- ‘Boss’ could denote a spouse for someone or ‘BFF’ can be another’s father. In the spirit of the ‘Share A Coke’ campaign which celebrates relationships, Journey invited Coca-Cola employees to share their take on a relationship that is special for them. Here is a compilation of some heart-warming stories that truly celebrate the people they would like to share a Coke with!)
I would like to share a coke with my grandma.

It was her 87th birthday on 23rd April for which I wrote the below. And that night when I was flying back from Bombay to Delhi, I found this picture:

People believe that there can be no woman who can love you more than your mother. Well, fortunately for me, that is wrong. I have had this woman since the day I was born. She is the first one (and maybe the last one) to ever teach me what unconditional love is. She has been through so many ups and (more of) downs in her life, but she never even gave me a hint of the fact that everything around us may not be only beautiful and happy. She made me enjoy all of my childhood (and still makes does that). She gave me an identity, taught me respect and disciplined me. I know how it feels to be someone's world because I have been her life all of my 32 years.

 At 87, she may not remember many things from the past, but she will definitely remember that I was the first one to wish her today (23rd April). I really thought about what could be the best gift for her and realised that there can none greater than my presence and time. I am glad that I can be beside her despite all odds in my life. My only prayer to God is to keep her healthy, happy and content with life!

Happy birthday

Oh, and she really loves Coke 😊

(Viraj is Manager, Corporate Audit at Coca-Cola India)