Students Army for Vadakara Environment (SAVE) in Kozhikode, Kerala went all out to provide water for thirsty birds in the summer of 2015. The Vadakara District Education Office motivated 1.5 lakh school students and 800 teachers to provide bowls of water for birds near their homes and schools. While some of the clay pots and bowls were kept at the ground level, others were hung on branches of trees. The children filled the containers at least once in a day. The previous year, children placed 50,000 vessels of water for the birds. There was a steady stream of birds sipping as well as bathing in the water bowls. 
According to SAVE’s district coordinator, providing water for birds was one of the 20 environment initiatives of the organisation. Earlier, under the zero budget waste management plan, the children had removed 13.5 tonnes of plastic waste.