Naik Bishnu Prasad Shreshtha from 7/8 Gorkha Rifles, after his retirement in 2010, was returning home by train when he was attacked by about 40 robbers. When they asked for his wallet, he handed it over. But when they tried to rape a young girl, Shreshtha pulled out his khukri and charged. He pushed the miscreants back down the narrow corridor so that only one or two of them could fight him at a time. More than half an hour of hand-to-hand combat left three robbers dead and eight injured. The others ran away. Shreshtha was also injured with cuts, scratches, bruises and a blow to his shoulder. Proud of its hero, the Army reinstated him, promoted him by two ranks so he could enjoy higher pension and perks, and retired him the next day. He was awarded the Shourya Chakra and the Sena Medal.