One thing's for sure this St. Patrick’s Day, Sprite will be wearing green. The popular lemon-lime soft drink has been doing so for more than 50 years. 

Similar to the connections Coca-Cola and Fanta have to red and orange, respectively, Sprite has “owned” green since its 1961 debut. Green has served as Sprite’s primary colour in its advertising, packaging, merchandising and more.  

Green is classic and modern, and naturally crisp and clean. It’s never aggressive or boring, and always cool and refreshing… just like Sprite. In fact, its status among the world’s most recognised brands can largely be attributed to its signature green bottle.

The bottle’s defining shape and signature “dimples” make it one of the most unique and eye-catching packages in the market. By continuing to showcase green on everything from in-store merchandising, to vending machines, to packaging and advertising, Sprite continues to build what design gurus call brand equity and surprise and delight fans around the world.

Back in the ‘60s, designers and engineers at The Coca-Cola Company delved into volumes of research before landing on the design standards for Sprite. After taking into consideration Sprite’s package specs, brand image and target consumer, Coke’s art department created green-centric labels, carton designs and advertising for the brand. Dozens of designs were considered for the green Sprite bottle, which was carefully designed with the same quality specifications applied to the iconic
 Coca-Cola Contour Bottle.  

Sprite: the logo as you'll see it today on bottles and cans.
In 1967, as Sprite continued to gain momentum in the market and was available in 39 countries – the brand team hired a New York design firm to create new carton and label designs for a packaging re-launch. Their goal? To communicate the freshness of Sprite and help the brand stand out on the shelf with an attention-grabbing look. 

The new packaging hit the market the following year. The Coca-Cola Bottler magazine described it as “a study in contrasting shades of green,” and predicted the designs would “lift Sprite right out of the crowd like never before.”

Today, Sprite still rocks its green look and is now sold in more than 190 countries around the world. In 2013, in Great Britain, we changed the recipe and for the first time reduced the sugar content of one of our drinks using stevia plant extract, a sweetener from natural sources. But, a sugar free version, Sprite Zero, has always been available since 1974 and continues to be a popular sugar, calorie and caffeine-free alternative.

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