Six artistes, namely P Ravindranath, Ranganaath Ravee, Gabriel George, Ajeesh Dasan, S Kalesh and Vinod Krishna set up two metal installations (a 20-ft high rearing horse and a 150 ft long male figure lying horizontally), clubbing the creative forms of art and poetry with recorded live recitation of two original poems and background sound, making the installations a comprehensive experience for the viewers. Desiyamrigam (national animal), is a soliloquy by Ajeesh Dasan. The idea was such that the audience got the feeling that the horse was reciting the poem. The sound of horse hoofs etc added to that feeling. Shabdha Mahasamudram (Ocean of Words) by S Kalesh has a sculpture of a large bloated man, legs tangled in earphones with one ear cut off. Loudspeakers tied to his stomach resonate with the poem.
The sound designer Ranganath Ravee took care of the sound; the concept and installation was done by Vinod Krishna; Adv P Raveendranath was the project designer and art direction was done by Gabriel George. The poetry installations were inaugurated at the Darbar Hall, Ernakulam, Kerala on June 22, 2015.