To accelerate nationwide efforts in combating the humanitarian crisis unleashed by the second wave of the pandemic, The Coca-Cola Foundation has provided funding to United Way Mumbai to support its efforts to spread awareness, facilitate community participation in vaccination, and provide safety kits in 25 districts across 10 states of India. As the vaccination drive across the country and the world progresses, this project helps to #StopTheSpread by encouraging and sensitizing over 4 million people in 4400+ communities and villages. Additionally, it also aims to strengthen close to 440 vaccination centres in rural and urban India, supporting the Government of India mission of vaccination for all. This initiative is a part of The Coca-Cola Foundation’s “Stop the Spread” worldwide fund that is being channelized towards facilitating vaccine distribution, COVID safety kits (PPE - masks, gloves, sanitizers) and creating awareness around vaccination and sanitary practices to contain the spread of the pandemic.

The initial phase of the #StopTheSpread project is being rolled out across the states, namely Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Telangana, Delhi and Haryana. To support the ongoing vaccination drive, United Way of Mumbai is mobilizing civilians in the remotest areas of the country for vaccination through mass awareness programs, one-on-one health enquiries, transportation to vaccination camps for rural communities, and augmenting safety support at the camps through provision of PPE kits to ensure safe and hygienic inoculations. Additionally, it is also helping communities connect with existing government authorized vaccination centres, facilitating registration and strengthening existing government vaccination centres with safety equipment.