Guider Pen Works (GPW), Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, makers of Guider pens since 1945 are the only manufacturers of purely handmade ink pen without plastic. They have more than 100 varieties of Guider pens in different colours and sizes. They also make customized models. The GPW portfolio includes gold pens, gold nib pens, silver engraved art pens, old celluloid pens, ebonite and acrylic pens. Although they produce both ink and ball pens, ink pens are always high in demand!
Started a small-scale or cottage industry by G Subbarao in 1946 and currently run by his son Lakshmana Rao, the company still follows traditional manufacturing practices and produces 10-50 pens per day, with each special model taking 2-3 days to make depending on the size and model.