People do hold ‘same date birthday’ celebrations and discuss the similarities they have. However, there are uncanny resemblances between PM Narendra Modi and businessman Narendra Soni, born on Sept 17, 1950. At a function organised by Kutch Tourism Development Council (KTDC) on Sept 17, 2014, the birthday of PM Modi, where other people born on his birthday were present, Soni was the only person whose first name was Narendra. The common birth date and the year inspired Narendra Soni to collate other data similarities with the PM. There is neither any family relationship between the two nor have they ever met. Later journalists carried a story on the extraordinary affinity between the two personalities. On his part, Soni too prepared a comparative list of both Narendras. Since then the similarities have grown. 
Similarities between PM Modi and businessman Soni are:

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Name Narendra Damodardas Modi Narendra Chunnilal Soni
Date of birth Sept 17, 1950 Sept 17, 1950
Day of birth Sunday Sunday
Zodiac sign Scorpio (Vrashik) Scorpio (Vrashik)
Mother Hira Ben Hira Ben
Birth place Gujarat (Vadnagar) Gujarat (Dhranhgadhra)
Language Gujarati Gujarati
Father’s zodiac sign Pisces (Meen) Pisces (Meen)
Grandfather’s zodiac sign Leo (Singha) Leo (Singha)
Brother’s zodiac sign Virgo (Kanya) Virgo (Kanya)
Sister’s zodiac sign Taurus (Vrushabh) Taurus (Vrushabh)

There are many other similarities at present that may change over time:
Weight 90 kg 90 kg

Body: Chest - 44 in, waist - 41 in, stomach - 45 in Chest - 44 in, waist - 41 in, stomach - 45 in