Many Coke Studio Songs are beautiful medleys in many languages reminding us that soulful music transcends words. This new creative take on these songs has given them a fresh lease of life and hopefully added new listeners from other languages.

A fusion of sorts, this experiment has helped tell the stories of traditional songs from one region to another in the country and beyond. These mixed compositions are about coming together and celebrating the true spirit of Coca-Cola.

For example, Rangabati is one of the most popular traditional songs in Orissa. But when it was recorded for Coke Studio, Tamil rap was introduced into the song, taking the song beyond the borders of the state.

Here are some songs which have been a hit among the listeners.

Zariya - Jordanian, Nepalese, Hindi

This has to be classified as ‘World Music’ because artistes from different parts of the world are performing for an Indian composer. For sheer idea and execution, Zariya scores like no other Coke Studio song possibly does as AR Rahman has stitched together a song with a Jordanian singer and a Nepalese Buddhist monk. Once you listen to the song, it will set your foot tapping to the music and lyrics. The brilliance of Sivamani’s percussion hems the song together, adding to the magic. The composition is sure to leave you humming long after you have listened to the song.

Moner Manush - Bengali, Hindi  

It has been one of the most popular songs on Coke Studio. Anupam Roy, Satyaki Banerjee and Babul Supriyo have put together a Bengali and Hindi song that celebrates the desire to be with the beloved. Satyaki’s voice in Bengali gives the song the folk flavour. Whenever he is singing his part, the primacy and rustic appeal of his voice is sure to catch the attention. Anupam Roy’s Bengali and Hindi singing brings out the more modern voice while Babul Supriyo’s part has been sung only in Hindi. The instruments that accompany Satyaki’s voice are very traditional while Anupam’s part has the electric guitar as the accompaniment.

Rangabati - Oriya, Tamil

Rangabati is Orissa’s most popular folk song. So, creating the modern version was always going to be a challenge. Producer Ram Sampath has introduced Tamil rap which adds pace, and a new dimension, to the song. While the traditional song is popular, the rap has certainly added to the song being among the most popular on Coke Studio. The traditional flavour of the song is uncovered as the chorus and the singers take their turns in celebrating their love for their motherland.

Mauje Naina - Hindi, English

Clinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes, Shadab and Altamash create the magic together for a composition where the chorus is as powerful as the song. While Clinton resonates with the listener, Bianca’s seductive voice adds more life to the song. The setting, with Bianca perched away from the others lending their voice, makes for compelling watching. It ends with a fantastic flourish from Bianca, which leaves the taste of the song long after you have heard it.