Shri Bharathi Prakashana, Bengaluru published 60 books in 60 days continuously. All the books, under the banner of Guru Grantha Malike, were released by His Highness Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Shri Raghaveshwara Mahaswamiji at Raghottama Matha, in Kekkar, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka from July 12 - Sept 9, 2014. The books feature the Gurus/ Rishis/ Mahapurushas/ Bhashyakaras/ Peethadhipatis and more, who have been either mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas or who have emphasised Gurutva in Indian tradition. This exercise was an attempt to introduce them to the common man. All the books are in Kannada language, written by various authors.