Indian Council for Cultural Relations in collaboration with Ashish Mohan Khokar organised an exhibition on the history of dance – A Century of Indian Dances: 1901-2000 – showcasing the development of classical dances over the years at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi from July 17-24, 2011. The exhibition showcased rare pictures of various eminent dancers, dance recital announcements of old newspapers, magazine covers, posters, gramophone records, masks and costumes which were painstakingly collected by Prof Mohan Khokar over the years. Rare films potraying the dance stars of yesteryears were also shown during the 8-day exhibition. The exhibits were later displayed in USA and Italy in September 2011.
These exhibits, part of a vast collection by Late Prof Mohan Khokar during his travels across the country, are now being looked after by Ashish Mohan Khokar and his wife Elisabeth Khokar. The Mohan Khokar Dance Collection is India’s largest such collection with great historical value.