Non-stop relay reading of Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography in three languages for 27 hr 18 min was organised in Rajkot, Gujarat on Jan 30, 2015, the day he was assassinated. MM Jasdanwala, proprietor of Kafka English Corner, organised the marathon reading by school children in Gujarati, English and Hindi to keep alive Gandhian values and rekindle his spirit among the younger generation. In all, 83 children read from his original writings, published by Navjivan. Jasdanwala began the relay reading at 4.30 am on January 30 and ended it at 7.48 am the next day. The youngest participant was six years old. The time allotted to each child for reading varied according to her/his capacity. The project was supported by Ushakantbhai Mankad, Dr Ramesh Bhayani, school principals and Phulchab Press.