Manufacturing of Coca-Cola is the main cause of water depletion in the country?

Contrary to popular belief, the Coca-Cola system are a miniscule consumer of water representing only 0.023% of the 40 billion cubic meters of water consumed by industries in India. Water is a top priority for Coca-Cola and it lies at the heart of our sustainability strategy. Which is why, we ensure that for every drop we use, we help give two back

By implementing best in class technology, recycling and reusing water, identifying and implementing local projects that revitalise watersheds, and other initiatives, we have created a water replenishment potential of 148% compared to the total water used in the manufacturing processes.

Did you know? Our bottling plants recycle and reuse water to the extent possible. The rest is used in secondary applications like gardening and flushing. The remaining balance is returned to nature to support aquatic life!