In 1946, Naik Kirpa Ram (28), a soldier with 8 Battalion of 13 Frontier Force Rifles returned to Bengaluru with his battalion after action in Burma (now, Myanmar). Ten days after the surrender of Japan, a grenade misfired during training. Kirpa Ram asked his comrades to take cover while he ran out to fling the grenade away. It exploded in his hands and he died. The next year, his bride Brahmi Devi of Bhapral village in Himachal Pradesh received the George Cross awarded posthumously to her husband from the Viceroy. In 2002, she was robbed of the George Cross and his other medals, which were later found in Britain in 2009. 
Ashok Nath, an Indian collector, bought them for Rs 3.5 lakh from a curio shop and wanted to auction them through Bonhams as the George Cross would have fetched him Rs 1 crore. Brahmi Devi was offered money in exchange, which she refused. On May 11, 2015, the medals were handed back to her.