Aqua Scullers, the nine-member rafting team of Indian Air Force (IAF), successfully completed the longest white water rafting expedition on the Ganga, covering over 3,000 km from Gangotri to Ganga Sagar in West Bengal in 16 days from Oct 19 - Nov 4, 2013. The first such expedition undertaken by the Indian armed forces, it included the Himalayan portion of the river from Gangotri (3,049 m) to Haridwar (295 m), one of the most challenging white water stretches in the world with Grade IV-V rapids.

The team comprised Wg Cdr Paramvir Singh (leader), Gp Capt SS Mehdi, Sqn Ldr GD Sharma, Flt Lt Dipti B Koshti, JWO S Chakraborty, Sgt Umesh Kumar, Sgt G Narahari, Cpl VJ Johny and LAC RS Bisht.