Amazing, Unbelievable, Fantastic, Unprecedented

If the abilities of India and its people were to be put down in select adjectives, all of which are contained in the Limca Book of Records (LBR), these could be some of them.

With hundreds of new records, the book was launched at well-known bookstore, Higginbotham’s, in Chennai last week. The place itself is a record of sorts because it is also India’s oldest bookstore, and has found a mention in LBR.

Reworked design, graphics and charts catch the attention of readers. A new section of businesses takes note of India’s people and institutions who are taking giant strides ahead. The ever-popular human stories find a mention of incredible feats, some of which, with the changing times, are being supplemented with additional forms of content – digital and video.

India’s ‘Rubber Man’ is making heads turn wherever he goes. The story of Ranveer, the first Indian to win a gold medal at the Special Olympics World Games has inspired many a parent to teach their specially-abled children. Several other stories like India’s first selfie music video, the feats of India’s defence forces and others are sure to earn reader interest.

LBR has been changing with the times. Since its launch in 1990, the book has morphed from being a collection of records to one which showcases, as its tagline says, ‘India at her best.’ The talent in India that is showcased through the book has been nothing short of amazing.

T. Krishnakumar, President, Coca-Cola India & South West Asia said, “Consider LBR to be an ode to exemplary humans, who transcend the thinkable and overcome all odds to accomplish their goals. They are true inspirations for all of us. We’ve records from the back of beyond of India, and this establishes how talented our country is and how talent is not just an urban phenomenon.”

Thomas Abraham, Managing Director, Hachette India, said, “We hope readers will enjoy the new bigger LBR as much as we enjoyed putting it together - with an all new metallic cover and repositioned reference layout with stunning images, useful charts, infographics and tables. This year’s edition returns to being both core reference, featuring key records and landmarks of earlier years, along with a range of brand new records that will make for enthralling reading.”