Dear Reader,

The human spirit is uniquely inventive and enterprising. Never content to let things be, human beings enthusiastically and energetically pursue challenges, intent on doing more, better, faster, longer, bigger and the best.

We know this because we have inherited a colossal legacy of archiving achievements – from historical to scientific, industrial to personal, artistic to physical – from more than two sterling decades of the Limca Book of Records. A household name in the country and a synonym of outstanding and commendable accomplishments, the Limca Book of Records has itself set standards as a world-class book of records for India and Indians.

In the spirit of the book and its noble purpose, we have attempted to harvest the triumphs of the past and prepare the soil for the future in this year’s edition. With the intention of making the book a handy reference, we have curated the most important of the absolute records and landmarks of all the earlier years, and added a wide range of brand-new records. We hope you will like the refurbished design, featuring hundreds of stunning images and useful charts, infographics and tables.

To those who have made it to the book, our heartiest congratulations and salutations! Your extraordinary mettle and energy epitomize the raison d’etre of the Limca Book of Records. And for those who are the important witnesses to the exciting records achieved by our country and its people, we have tried to make this edition brim with information, to whet the appetite of knowledge buffs, quizzes, curious fact-collectors and just everyone who wants to be inspired.

The editorial transition of this book has brought in changes, which are all part of the organic evolution of this book. To those who might have faced problems during this transitional period, our sincere apologies. For those who want to attempt new records, break the mould and be at the top, please do check our website for updates, procedural changes and new frameworks.

As everything in the world gets more precisely defined, our aim is to make the parameters for quantitative records sharp, exact and clearly understood, as far as possible. Defunct or confusing record categories may be done away with or modified, and fresh new ones will be added. In the next edition we plan to include more and more amazing superlatives from around our vast nation.

But, for now, let’s together be inspired, be amazed, be proud.

Vatsala Kaul Bannerjee

Editor, Limca Book of Records

Publisher, Reference Division, Hachette India