Dear Reader,

Every new edition of the Limca Book of Records is a celebration. As the team sifts through
entries and applications, verifies the documentation, and collates existing and fresh records, an air
of deep awe and utter triumph permeates the process. Old records are exploded, and new ones burst forth with all the festive son et lumière that accompanies such feats as have never been performed before.

Together, we marvel at the originality of a record, the level of endurance that another may demand, the skill that a third may ask for, and the sheer teamwork yet another one may require – not to forget the spirit of endeavour that runs through them all.

We never cease to be amazed by the sheer diversity of the records that people from all walks of life and far corners of our vast and populous country pursue: from the tiniest gold violin to the shiniest and most valuable gold in high-adrenaline sports tournaments; from the smallest bio-fortified jowar seed to the highest robotic telescope; from a daughter–father duo who reached the top of the Everest to the all-woman crew that went around the globe amid stormy waters; and from devotees building towering testimonies to their faith to constructors topping modern temples of industry. From dancers and musicians to architects and painters, from district collectors to panchayat heads, from doctors and medical practitioners to writers and poets, from companies to coaches, leading sportspersons to just ordinary everyday people with an unordinary vision and ambition  –  we are never really done scaling existing records and setting new ones.

Thank you and congratulations to those of you who have made it into the book – your mark and your mettle epitomize the very reason the Limca Book of Records exists. For those who did not make it this time, there’s always next time, always new bars to cross. Please ensure that your record parameters are finely defined and perfectly measurable. As everything in the world gets more precisely contoured, our aim is to make quantitative records exact and clearly understood.

As in previous years, we have tried to make this edition teem with information, to awaken the appetite of knowledge buffs, quizzers, curious fact-collectors and just everyone who wants to be inspired. In the next edition we plan to include more amazing superlatives from around the country and look forward to your participation.

Your endless energy, this outpouring of enthusiasm, this pioneering courage, this refusal to stand still and be content – this is the measure of a nation and its people.

This is the India of our dreams – and it becomes a reality in the pages of this book.

Vatsala Kaul Bannerjee
Editor, Limca Book of Records
Publisher, Reference Division, Hachette India