Dear Readers,  

We have been waiting eagerly to bring this edition to you, but the pandemic prevented us from doing so thus far. Covid-19 has caused death and devastation on an unimaginable scale in India and around the world, and it continues to lurk, and loom up menacingly again and again. As the virus continues to threaten and rage and kill, we have - just like you - tried to adjust to the new normal and move forward. For what is the spirit of this book if not to rise to challenges and leap  to victory!  

That is why, as a tribute to the courageous and the enterprising everywhere, we are proud to bring you this special edition that marks over 30 completed years of the Limca Book of Records, a veritable archive of the incredible achievements and irrepressible essence of India and its people.  

Each edition is preceded by a whole year of exciting news - old records are outperformed and new ones are achieved to set a higher bar to surpass. Each record is marked by uniqueness - in its concept, originality, and a variety of markers such as endurance, courage, teamwork, or the degree of the risk taken - and the sheer perseverance that every such endeavour demands.  

It's difficult not to be impressed by the range and diversity of the records attempted and attained by the record holders featured in this edition. They come from all corners of our country, having braved unpredictable rivers and high seas, built the smallest objects and the largest sculptures, discovered amazing things and phenomena, set up centres of faith and headquarters of industry, performed medical marvels, and won golds, silvers and bronzes for the nation in super-competitive sports. They have written, danced, drawn, painted, run, jumped, constructed, governed, acted, directed ... the list of their feats is both engrossing and laudatory.

From leaders in their fields to common men and women driven by unusual ambition and equally outstanding dedication, these tenacious champions of excellence are truly inspiring.  

Our heartfelt congratulations - and gratitude - to those of you who have made it into this edition of the book. Your determination and diligence are the very reason that the Limca Book of Records has been going strong for more than three full decades.  

As in earlier years, we have filled this edition with not just the most enthralling records but  

also extra-special information, including the Super 30 and Record Rewind features, to whet the appetite of knowledge buffs, quizzers, fact-collectors and anyone who wishes to be inspired.  

And as always, for those who could not be featured in the book this time, there's always the next edition. Please do read our revised and updated Rules and Guidelines carefully as we try each year to make the parameters for records sharper, more exact and clearly understood for others to be able to set new ones. We look forward to fresh superlatives from around the country and welcome your participation. It is your continuing enthusiasm and your constant passion to be the best you can be that makes this book what it is, and our nation a proud one.  

Vatsala Kaul Banerjee  

Editor, Limca Book of Records  

Publisher, Reference Division, Hachette India