Small Creations that Speak Volumes: The Hindu
Image courtesy: The Hindu

Ajay Kumar enters Limca Book of Records yet again for making the smallest functional violin and a fan.

A goldsmith by vocation and a micro sculptor by passion, Mattewada Ajay Kumar has secured a place in the Limca Book of Records once again for his smallest functional violin and scissors made of gold.

The 45-year-old created the violin that measures 20mm in length using 0.740 milligrams of gold. Its four strings are made of steel and it took him 12 hours to complete. The scissors, which measures 11mm in length, was made using 0.180 milligrams of gold and it took him three hours to finish.

Having been in the field of micro art for over two decades, he has created many wonders and has won accolades from different quarters.

His previous three Limca records are for making a seven-levered lock and a fan. He also holds the world record for his miniature lock.

His depiction of Dandi March using wax in the eye of a needle drew nationwide attention. The micro sculpture with Mahatma Gandhi and seven freedom fighters following him during the Salt Satyagraha even awed the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The work has now found a place at the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial in Dandi, Gujarat, set up by the Government of India. Speaking to The Hindu, he said it was a laborious undertaking and it often takes more than 20 hours to finish each piece. “The implements I use are also made by me. Though it demands a lot of patience, I like the work,” he signed off.

This article was originally published in The Hindu