Ajeet Bajaj is the first Indian to ski to the North Pole and complete the polar trilogy, which entails skiing up to the North Pole, South Pole and across the Greenland icecap. He attempted his ski expedition to the North Pole from the Russian Arctic Polar research station called Barneo, and reached the North Pole on 26 April 2006, accompanied by three other skiers. He described the cold as extreme, with 1 m of ice on the surface and temperatures of around -35o Celcius. Bajay was awarded the Padma Shri in 2012 for his contribution to adventure sports. He was also the joint leader for the first Indo-US River Kali Sarda descent expedition in 1987 and the leader of the first descent expeditions on the rivers Numbra, Shyok, Ravi, Yamuna, Mandakini and Beas in India.